Özel Ege Atabey Lisesi

Our school is located in Aydın City in the west of Turkey. Our school opened in 2015 .There are 93 teachers, 810 students and 30 helping staff. We have a garden and large building for education. Our classrooms are well equipped and large. We have students aged between 6-14. We have a playground and conference hall for all students and activities. We have an olympic pool for swimming lessons.

There are many courses for our students’ development. Language, drama, Stem, folkloric dance, robotic coding etc. . We have bilingual education system and we employ extra 22 English teachers as education coach. We also are involved in the European language portfolio system. What’s more coach speaks English all the day and she or he does many kind of activities in the classroom and in the garden. They also organize with other teachers and they take last 10 minutes of the lesson for activities. We have a historical hill with lots of trees next to our school and we go hiking, nature walking with stıdents. We want our students to be integrated with nature and to grow as eco- friendly individuals. We have a football team, basketball team, volleybal team and we join lots of tournamet every year.We also interested in indivudal sports such as chess, swimming, archery etc. We won lots a cup in a short time. We start the day with dance. We dance with our dance teacher before the lesson every morning. We all love starting the day with dance. We have an hour break after the 5 lesson and we have a good lunch with students. We do more activities in the afternoon and our school finishes at 5 o’clock.

At the end of the year we have graduation cerenomy, English dramas, knowledge competations, games, folkloric dance, teachers and students chorus. And garden games such as survivor, football, basketball, volleyball games between classrooms and teachers, tug of war game, dance event etc. Ceyda ATIGAN: She is the group leader of the sports team and coordinator of the project. She graduated from Physcal Education Faculty. She has Dance and Sport Course. She is a professional dancer and she has lots of awards. She has own dance choreographies and she organize dance night at the end of educational year. Other team members of Sports are so qualified about their profession.

Our school have lots of medals at archery, volleyball, basketball, swimming and football. Some of our students are player of National Team. Alparslan Sarp: He is the group leader of the English team and coordinator of the the European language portfolio system. He prepared a master thsesis about Social Studies in Adnan Menderes Universtiy. He is the writer of te “Coach Notebook”. He has a UKD and ELO point so he join lots of chess tournament. He is an old footballer and captain. He played for Aydın Spor, Didim Spor, Yalvaç Spor, Tarsus Belediye Spor. He joined STEM working and now he is responsible for stem working on lessons in our school.