Agrupamento de Escolas Dr.Serafim Leite

The Group of Schools Dr. Serafim was created in the beginning of the school year 2012/2013.. At the secondary level there are 16 classes of Vocational courses and, 3 classes of the Course of Science and Technology and 3 classes of the Course of Visual Arts. We are a very strong school in school sports.

The agrupamento (set of schools) is situated in S. João da Madeira, a small town of only 8 Km 2 which is very proud of its industrial heritage. It is in the North of Portugal, near the famous city of Porto. At this moment over 1200 students are attending the Group of Schools Dr. Serafim. The group of schools has got 130 teachers and 46 non-teaching staff.

Our teaching staff is dynamic and well aware of the importance of factors related to employability in the European context. People involved more directly in this project are also those who are responsible for the promotion of the school projects and have already a long experience in this area. They are fluent in English and have got very good computer skills associated with a deep knowledge project management. In our school, the team coordinator will be Fátima Pais, IT teacher and innovation and project coordinator. A work team has already been set up composed of three more elements: Eduarda Peixoto, Filipe Rosário and Helena Resende. These elements come from different areas and with skills ranging from project management to project management expertise. All have a fairly good level of English and experience working with Erasmus + projects. However, we plan to extend the work team to include all teachers who have already expressed their willingness to work on this project. The team also has three members of the Staff: the financial officer (Sara Santos), the accountant (Esmeralda melo) and a member responsible for logistics issues (Sandra Matos). Supervising the work team is the school’s headmistress, Anabela Brandão. In our school there is a conviction that within the global dynamics the European dimension of education is a field to be developed and deepened.

It is assumed that European citizenship has to be more than mere political rhetoric and in this context synergies are sought with other entities that want to share knowledge, develop projects and carry out activities that jointly promote the progressive assumption of the European dimension of citizenship. It is imperative to value the improvement of pedagogical quality as well as the internationalization of the institution itself, reinforcing the cooperation between transnational partners, with the aim of innovating in their pedagogical, logistical, administrative and organizational practices.

In addition to the previous aspects, the participation in this project still has an added value: Sports, outdoor activities connected to local traditions. After all, this are the basis of the culture of Portugal and have the opportunity to work on this theme from a European perspective, leaves us all enthusiastic and expectant.