North Macedonia

OSU "Mirko Mileski"

Secondary school Mirko Mileski is located in the center of Kichevo, western Macedonia. It is the only high school in the municipality and consists of 101 professors and 906 students (age 14-18). It has high school education and vocational education (economy, medicine, electrical ‘technical and machine classes).

The current society, immersed in processes of globalization and fully integrated in the framework of the European Union, demands a multilingual education that is capable of get in the faculty and in the students the acquisition of the competition linguistic-communicative in foreign languages, based on the European dimension of cultural awareness and the values of respect and tolerance. Only understanding training as a permanent process and supporting the cooperation, the exchange of ideas and mobility between institutions in an area beyond the premises, only in this way, we will be able to develop the competencies and human potential of all the members of our educational community.Thus, the common thread of our plan is the search for quality and development education, the inclusion of the European dimension in the life of the center, the internationalization of it and the enrichment of our sense of community to through the knowledge of new realities and cultures.

The benefits arising from the physic educating the younger population according to the results of the world’s research can be grouped into the following categories: success in society, school success, success in developing intelligence and success in life. In general, the conclusion is that physic education contributes to successful integration of the person in society, better achievements in other areas of the education system, the development of personality (IQ, cognitive abilities, spatial-visual perception, motor skills, verbal abilities), gaining self-discipline, working habits and taking responsibility in life. The school has a team for Erasmus projects .

The director of the school Milka Spasevska will be in charge of managing the project. Elizabeta Arsoska will be a contact and communication person, and Daniela Adamceska will be involve in activites and implementation of the project.

Our school has so far implemented several projects where teachers and students have gained more skills and competencies.
         1. Project Safe Schools (to reduce violence in the school, and to prevent the students’ associative behavior, develop tolerance and encourage a positive resolution of conflicts);
         2.Kline team, project for students from vocational classes (training of students for preparation of CVs and forms for applying for employment) ;
         3. Project Education and Employment (Strengthening Cooperation Among Virtue Schools and Companies);
         4. Human values project (promotion of humanity and solidarity among students, development of positive interethnic relations, socialization of students) ;
         5. INS project (project for respect for human rights and reduction of discrimination).