3o Gymnasio Argostoliou

The 3rd Gymnasium of Argostoli started its operation in 1993 and currently has eight total classes serving about 160 students. The school is staffed by 24 professors with a permanent position and offers all the high school curriculum subjects. Although it is the last high school in our region to be established, it has succeeded in gaining the appreciation, respect and recognition of pupils, parents, educators and local authorities in the short term in terms of the quality of the education provided, the interest for students but also globally for the progress of the local community.

A key factor in the success of the school is that it is fortunate for many years to be staffed by a core body of teachers from Cephalonia who have gained a lot of experience in managing school and pupils but have also established close relationships with local authorities and society in general. As a minimal example of parental trust and community recognition, for as long as the free choice of schools has been chosen by primary school pupils to go to high school, school always had the most choices.

The 3rd
Gymnasium of Argostoli has an active participation in all activities in the school life. Every year a large number of environmental education programs (eg Dragon of Aino, The Ramsar Treaty), health education (for example, I rely on my feet, AIDS, Surf the Internet with security etc), career guidance (eg. such as robotics courses), European programs (eg Etwining), and cultural programs (eg Kephalonian lyricists , The two museums, Cephalonian cuisine, The port of Argostoli, The 5 churches etc.). At the individual level, teachers have been involved in training activities or other Comenius partnerships, Cedefops and Erasmus+ projects in the past. The participation of pupils in Greek competitions (eg mathematics, physics, poetry, photography, robotics, etc.) is encouraged, their support for volunteer activities and any other activities of the local community are supported (eg carnival, theatrical performances etc.). The 3rd Gymnasium strengthens and supports the programs of other institutions and institutions. In the past, the premises of the school (the workshop and the classrooms) for the implementation of lifelong learning programs (NELLE structures, Adult Education Centers), teacher education programs (VOC) and vocational training programs (IEKs) have been made available.

Often our school hosts seminars, training programs and updates. In recent years, school teachers have been educating and educating local teachers about the integration of ICT in education. The 3rd High School has presented great financial and logistical management. Also the interest and dedication of the school directors. Proof of the right economic and logistical management and diachronicity is that it also presented the largest balance in the school committees before their merger.