Privatna varazdinska gimnazija s pravom javnosti

Privatna varazdinska gimnazija is a private secondary school (gimnazyum), which provides quality education and prepares students for university study. The school was established in 2004. We are situated in the north-west of Croatia. We work with very small number of students in a class – eight to twelve, which enables us to pay individual attention to the development of each of our students. There are approximately 20 teachers in our staff hold.

 Our curriculum also offers several additional subjects like Film Art, Drama, Media and Rhetoric, which provide our students with extra skills and knowledge to help make them a complete person fit not only for future studies but for life as well. Several subjects are taught bilingually i.e. in English and Croatian. So far our students have been able to participate in three European projects and two individual mobilities (exchanges) where they were able to use their drama skills, artistic skills, IT skills and English language skills. The other project was about Intercultural Dialogue for an Active Citizenship Education. The third project goal was to address the topic of inclusion, diversity, equality, gender-balance and non-discrimination in education. By taking part in EU projects we would like to expose our students to an international environment where they are able to demonstrate responsibility for carrying out certain tasks, share the knowledge they have brought with them, cooperate with peers from other countries, represent their culture, communicate with peers in English and also create new ideas, activities and solutions that would suit everyone in a group. This would enable them to accept and love the differences in language, history and culture, in the way of working and sharing. We would like to offer this possibility to our students to enrich them for the future life in the European Community where they need to know as much as possible about their neighbors in order to be able to successfully cooperate. The staff who will be involved in the project are young teachers of Croatian, English language and History and P.E.. Petar Babic, MA, is a teacher of History and English language, has been at the school for ten years, good organizer of trips and activities around historical topics as well as physical activities; an active amateur mountain climber (Himalayas) and active member of Croatian mountain rescue service. Neda Njegac, MA, teacher of Croatia language and Rhetoric, very hardworking, pleasant personality. Very competent IT user. Actively involved in previous projects as well. 

Physically active person, sports lover, trains and competes in badminton on a regular basis. Petra Masic-Jeftic, MA, teacher of P.E. Qualified swimming trainer with knowledge in all other sports and physical activities. Hardworking and pleasant person. In case one of the team or the coordinator should leave it will be replaced by other members of the team with the accordance of the principle.